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On DTH user experience ...
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Doing things that don’t scale – my Brian Chesky moment

The evening sun shone warmly upon us, as the three of us sat sipping hot tea together in the slightly ...
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Seven questions I would ask as the PM of BankBazaar

The below notes are my thoughts, based on a LinkedIn post by Mr Adhil Shetty respectively. 75M is a metric that ...
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Do you trust this computer – My thoughts

The below are my thoughts on the recent documentary film released online. Interesting perspectives. For people who have never explored ...
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Why I defend this AMP project as a product manager?

The below thread fired up my imagination and subsequently this post. Google manager: “We’re the biggest email host in the ...
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The decision fallacy: From the eyes of a product manager

Dragonflies swarmed around, as I stood in the balcony, sipping my hot cup of tea. Zigzag they flew, as each ...
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The simple way to lead, once more – A product leader in the making

“Gullu, you shall be talking!” It all began when I was tasked with talking about a product that I had ...
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Beating authority with influence: The journey of a common man

Kids running around the fenced lake with their uncontrollable shrieks of laughter. Walkers smiling and chatting with their buddies. Group ...
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Holding true in the decade of AI

It is very rare that one comes across a book that not just tells a story, but is also a ...
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Why I question HankyPanty’s astonishing views on Sonakshi!

The camera cuts across to focus on her, as she steps in, laced with large sunglasses. Mouthing some casual Punjabi words ...
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