Associate Biker’s Monologue

Should I or Should I not?  What happens if I get injured? What would happen if I saw something grotesque on the road? What would I do if someone would follow me?… Screamed my mind a thousand such questions at me.

My room mates had agreed to accompany me the previous night. But when the time came, they bunked.

Thus, at 6.30 AM in the morning, I stood debating the pros and cons of this solo bike ride. By 7.30 AM, I decided to follow the Nike logo “Just Do It”. Keeping God in my heart and wearing my fear on my sleeves, I took off on this journey.

It was about a lot of things –

  1. Spinning the wheels of my new bike a few more times.
  2. Enjoying the calming rush of the wind on my face.
  3. But most importantly, conquering my fears.

Fear can be a man’s greatest tool yet his greatest opponent. It was about going my own way. It was about trying to fulfill my own destiny. Yet, it was also about enjoying a simple outing.

And I finally did it. 🙂

A solo bike ride of 50 Km.IMG_20150329_093506

On my own bike.

Her very first sweet trip in the outside world. 🙂


Gravelled towards a new Road


Completed a run of 750 KM in 48 Hrs.

Got bitten by the Biking bug.


Experimented with some seriously powerful bikes.

Interacted with hardcore bikers.


Discovered a couple of mentors in India & Philippines.

Got initiated into Biking.


Things were not working out professionally.IMG_20150320_175010

I decided to settle my personal life in the meanwhile.

And purchased this red baby for myself.


Completed the first 100 KM in the first 26 hours itself.

And formally forayed into a new hobby as Associate Biker

Prasad’s IMAX

imaxLet me get a few things off the bat first. I have enjoyed watching a multitude of movies here. It is the only cinema in the entire country to host an analog IMAX projector. I was on a high after the screening of Interstellar. Then a few things ruined the experience for me.

I was excited to watch the movie The Hobbit in 3D on such a huge screen! But the film got interrupted midway. I found myself staring at the screen with no sound at all. Azog seemed to shout something at his proceeding army, while I sat in disdain, as my scenes were getting destroyed. Those moments reminded me of watching  The Artist. The major difference reflecting with the fact that that movie was amazingly entertaining despite being a silent one.

Prasad’s commands a premium on watching 3D movies on its huge screen. I do not mind shelling out the additional bucks. But why in the whole wide world, have they started charging for 3D glasses as well! Like other multiplexes, they are most welcome to take a security deposit. On the one hand, the glasses are terrible on quality. On top of it, i really do not think that an Indian cinema would go to the lengths of disinfecting and cleaning them even once a month. If that is the case, then I would happily pay out the 8% extra cost for this service.

I truly believe that the managers at Prasad’s should rethink their strategy. I would not be willing to send my clients back with negative thoughts, despite having some good facilities to entertain them.


How does a drop of ocean differentiate itself?

The world is teeming with occurrences of seemingly random instances. These instances include happenings that are incomprehensible to the human brain. STD is one such instance that happened to me. It did not happen in a puff of smoke like a miracle. Nor did it happen as the lead up to a planned event.

It happened like a rolling transaction. I was completely taken unawares by it!

Support – Train – Develop

MNC’s are famous for distributed teams encompassed within large environments. Along with this, corporate s are also filled to the brim with people of all varieties.

Amidst this, I received the chance to execute three different roles simultaneously. That too, in an upcoming technology like UI5.

I have been executing implementations of UI5 projects. Along with that, I have been offering support to existing applications on JS and UI5. The cherry on the cake is imparting knowledge to other people in the project.

I believe I have been able to successfully differentiate myself in the ocean of an MNC.

Also, this is one STD I love having. 😈