4WD vs 2WD

Machines have always been exciting to me. The whirrr of an engine makes me take off on a mini orgasmic note. 😀

I have enjoyed four wheels as well as two wheels. But, at my age, I definitely am more of a biking guy than a car guy. Of course, exceptions can be raised if one is driving around in a Lamborghini. 😛

The way the wind caresses my face. The crazy feeling of being insulated yet dangerously close while riding in hilly/ghats section with a full helmet and jacket upon me. The manner in which the engine revs up on empty highways to full blast. The switching of scenery on both sides of the road, as I speed off in the center. I would only conclude with the following –

Four Wheels move the Body, Two Wheels move the Soul.

These pics of mine couldn’t agree more! 😀

DSC_1038 1 - Copy IMG_20150329_093506

Associate Biker’s Monologue

Should I or Should I not?  What happens if I get injured? What would happen if I saw something grotesque on the road? What would I do if someone would follow me?… Screamed my mind a thousand such questions at me.

My room mates had agreed to accompany me the previous night. But when the time came, they bunked.

Thus, at 6.30 AM in the morning, I stood debating the pros and cons of this solo bike ride. By 7.30 AM, I decided to follow the Nike logo “Just Do It”. Keeping God in my heart and wearing my fear on my sleeves, I took off on this journey.

It was about a lot of things –

  1. Spinning the wheels of my new bike a few more times.
  2. Enjoying the calming rush of the wind on my face.
  3. But most importantly, conquering my fears.

Fear can be a man’s greatest tool yet his greatest opponent. It was about going my own way. It was about trying to fulfill my own destiny. Yet, it was also about enjoying a simple outing.

And I finally did it. 🙂

A solo bike ride of 50 Km.IMG_20150329_093506

On my own bike.

Her very first sweet trip in the outside world. 🙂


Gravelled towards a new Road


Completed a run of 750 KM in 48 Hrs.

Got bitten by the Biking bug.


Experimented with some seriously powerful bikes.

Interacted with hardcore bikers.


Discovered a couple of mentors in India & Philippines.

Got initiated into Biking.


Things were not working out professionally.IMG_20150320_175010

I decided to settle my personal life in the meanwhile.

And purchased this red baby for myself.


Completed the first 100 KM in the first 26 hours itself.

And formally forayed into a new hobby as Associate Biker