How does a drop of ocean differentiate itself?

The world is teeming with occurrences of seemingly random instances. These instances include happenings that are incomprehensible to the human brain. STD is one such instance that happened to me. It did not happen in a puff of smoke like a miracle. Nor did it happen as the lead up to a planned event.

It happened like a rolling transaction. I was completely taken unawares by it!

Support – Train – Develop

MNC’s are famous for distributed teams encompassed within large environments. Along with this, corporate s are also filled to the brim with people of all varieties.

Amidst this, I received the chance to execute three different roles simultaneously. That too, in an upcoming technology like UI5.

I have been executing implementations of UI5 projects. Along with that, I have been offering support to existing applications on JS and UI5. The cherry on the cake is imparting knowledge to other people in the project.

I believe I have been able to successfully differentiate myself in the ocean of an MNC.

Also, this is one STD I love having. 😈