A service that reinstantiated my Love

A raging red bull, she sprang out of the service center.IMG_20150417_184858

Shining brightly, she made my heart jump with excitement.

As I drove the key in and fired her up, she roared with a loud growl.

My controller seemed to loose control.

It re-instatntiated the object of my love for her.

My index.html file became the smooth loading of her on the road.

As she zipped through the network traffic.


Managing time and space complexity.

I had always wanted a pet of my own, preferably a dog. But some or the other obstacles always cropped IMG_20150412_105458up. Either there was a lack of space. Or a lack of time to take care of the potential new member.

Waiting for 18 years was long enough, I decided. I set out to fulfill my childhood dream. I went out in search of something meaningful. And ended up in a fish shop. The exotic varieties filled me to the brim with excitement.

I felt that the blue attacker barb was more of my kind. 😀 But it would have to be kept on its own. Hence, I decided to start with a school of fishes rather than a loner wolf.

This decision to start small seems to be paying off. With the tiny fishes propelling themselves around, happiness seems to circulate in me as well. 🙂


alert(“Paul Walker”);

A lot has already been posted, shared and embedded about Paul Walker. But being a Fast and Furious fan, I too felt the need to share my thoughts on this star and the series as a whole.

The series is never going to be the same without him. He was definitely an acclaimed star. A good actor as well. But people somehow never took to him in other roles apart from Brian O’ Conner. And we sure did love him as Brian.

Trawling through his reel life, I get the feeling that this was what Paul was meant to do. It is difficult to imagine any other actor in his place. He was able to discover what he was really meant to do in life. This led him to his greatest success. And a permanent place in the hearts of fans like me.

The manner in which his character has matured through the series reminds me of my own humble beginnings. The first part showcased him as a capable guy, who ended up sort of interning under Dominic Turetto. But the character gradually matures as he comes into his own, not only surpassing others, but joining forces with the likes of Dom.

When I puzzle over the paths I would like to traverse, Paul’s life pops up as an even more important alert to me. I started out as a successful intern; with the CEO of my previous company stepping in as my Turetto. I have hence fumbled about in the desire for reaching that elusive success.

During filming, Walker stated to his onscreen brother, Dom, that the best part was yet to come. In all honesty, I believe that Furious 7, was that One Part. Essentially, Paul finished his life on the highest note of his career.

And, I carry forward my struggle to discover the true work that I was born for.

Just Like Paul. (Will remember you through this beautiful song.)

CHMOD – From 0 to 1

chmod("/from/nothing/to/coding", 19122012);   // From Nothing to Coding

I reminisce the 4 days of torment with a sense of pleasure.  My last semester exams had just gotten over on 14th December, 2012.  My interview was on the 19th. And I had no clue about coding!

I had chosen my preferred technology (PHP, with Android offered as the other option) for an internship interview. I was hell bent on acing it as it was the only shot I had left for becoming an apprentice. I had begun with a frantic Google agenda about the point to start learning. Luckily I discovered Lynda’s tutorial on PHP with a sample application. And then, the rigorous training began.

I immersed myself deep into HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.  I disbanded myself from the outside world. This included taking calls only during lunch breaks. I learnt

  • The real life value of tags.
  • The importance that CSS held over HTML.
  • The manner in which JS makes HTML pages lively and attractive.
  • And, how PHP brought life to an application with DB connectivity and dynamism.

And then the day came. I started with a PPT. But, I was immediately interrupted by the CEO of the company. He asked me to directly show the code. I broke into a sweat as I began explaining the code to him. There was a menu item that would disappear and reappear by clicking on a certain button. I got a bit confused at that point. I wondered whether it was through CSS or JS.  But, I somehow got through it.

On spending some code review minutes, the CEO questioned me if I had written the entire thing on my own. I have always believed in integrity. And I maintained this value with him as well. I replied with honesty that I had worked on it, but with help from friends. I got a feeling from the look of his face, that I had convinced him about the hard work I had put in. With some moments of thoughtful deliberation, he told me that my offer letter would be ready and I should join as soon as possible.

I thanked him with a big smile and caught an auto for home. The entire way back, I am still not sure whether I was smiling in happiness or in shocked disbelief. 😀 None the less, my binary value for coding had been updated from 0 to 1. 🙂