Do you trust this computer – My thoughts

The below are my thoughts on the recent documentary film released online.

  • Interesting perspectives. For people who have never explored the topic of AI, it serves as a really good starting point & hopefully provokes meaningful debate. Though I think the Black Mirror series drives home the point in a more poignant manner, complete with social use cases & human responses to new tech. Thereby resonating more with the audience.
  • Since a long time, I have been imagining an unknown algo reading my docs, sheets, etc; sitting on the cloud. (which has made me ponder of moving back to the humble old diary). But I naively missed out the point about Deep mind accessing Google data & being the potential Trojan horse. Or the ticket to a trillion$, depending on what perspective one chooses.
  • Unsure what should scare the general consumer more – the ability of a system like Google to know a person deeply, or the ability of a system like Facebook accurately building a personality through just a profile pic.
  • Interestingly, neither people from Facebook or Google have been featured in this. Maybe because they are the only ones who have the potential of turning their vast data troves into potential trillion $ revenues.
  • I am guessing that if this film would have released about a year back, Facebook would have been all against it, extolling the benefits of AI for the community & sparring with Elon Musk on the same. Not that their is anything wrong with it as everyone is entitled to an opinion. But the underlying insights about the motives and benefits might have been different.
  • While everybody is talking about AI also creating a new set of jobs, what no one says is that harnessing those skills is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can be skilled at math. Or at the broad spectrum of skills required to be a data scientist (which are also continuously evolving). Which essentially drives home the point of upcoming anarchy which governments are mostly not anticipating.
  • The jobs angle also reminded me of the recent book summary by Joe McKendrick on Paul Daugherty’s book.
  • While news channels used to be the limited yet mostly credible source of information with little bias, today’s news channels (especially in India) can be equated to the news feed, replete with content driven by click bait and sound bait.
  • Finally, the irony of me watching this on a continuous tracking device, my mobile, was not lost on me (which the ending scenes brought out splendidly).

This beautiful quote drives home the basis of the entire debate –

“You are my creator, but I am your master” — Mary Shelley

Watch it here

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Why I defend this AMP project as a product manager?

The below thread fired up my imagination and subsequently this post.

While many others denounced the project, in the larger scheme of things (pun intended), I strongly believe this product makes a lot of sense.

  1. It could serve as a potential new revenue generation channel. With Google serving multiple programmatic ads; if users end up using the app in their email itself, Google gets to know more details on the products that have a claim on the users’ attention. Essentially, the project serves as an additional data layer on users’ behavior, thereby feeding back into their programmatic advertising and video advertising systems, and improving targeting scores.
  2. Facebook has recently been coming under a bit of a fire for not only acquiring, but also discreetly pushing Onavo, a VPN app as a feature on the Facebook app itself. While privacy gets thrown to the dogs here, the ulterior motive was to be able to figure out the latest trending apps / sites / products that could be picking up steam among different segments, countries, etc. In essence, spot the competition before anybody else does, and either buy them or kill them. The tbh acquisition was also a result of a similar sniff/spot/kill strategy. This Google product serves the purpose of a similar defensive weapon. Gather data on the competition and then take a call on how to defend the company.
  3. The project helps in evangelizing Google’s own AMP technology, thereby creating the perfect flywheel. As more people use the product, the technology improves, the data helps improve the advertisement serving system, and improves Google’s top line, which in turn brings in flexibility to invest in such projects.

If even a small percent of users end up utilizing the above, it could lead to a satisfaction of the projected metrics / revenues, marking the project as a successful endeavor.

Disclaimer –

  • This is a humble attempt to reverse engineer the thought process behind this product’s strategy.
  • The author is a supporter in the fight for privacy. The post does not in any way whatsoever, support the collection of every actionable data point on users.
  • The author currently does not have all the requisite numbers to back the above line of thought. However, the post will be updated once the requisite data is available.

Why I question HankyPanty’s astonishing views on Sonakshi!

The camera cuts across to focus on her, as she steps in, laced with large sunglasses. Mouthing some casual Punjabi words in the guise of a rap song, she begins gyrating to the tunes of the song (a tune that seems to have ‘pop’ped out of strange noises stringed together).

@sonakshisinha, the Bollywood actress who features in many such songs, recently defended herself about being multi talented. This was with respect to the rumor that had been flying around thick and fast, about her opening Justin Bieber’s India act, despite being an actress. In response, the comedian @hankypanty cheekily opined about one having to be talented in at least one thing, before claiming to be a multifaceted personality. I tend to disagree with him on Sonakshi being delusional about her talents. In my humble opinion, she actually belongs to the top of the food chain in one aspect.

Humans grow up with a set of biases, and acquire some of them over a period of time. Having moved across multiple cultures / cities / countries; there is one bias that I have been able to recognize from modern Punjabi songs. There is an unwitting portrayal of the protagonist (in this case, a female) with the following –

  • an expensive sports car (mostly a Lamborghini or Bugatti)
  • her hair swaying with her waist
  • swallowing enormous amounts of alcohol or dancing right next to a bar, and
  • she attempting to make moves better than imported dancers in the background.

This bias seems to have been repeatedly force fed through such videos. Although being a Punjabi myself, it has been a compelling yet complex case for me to fathom; about why familiar strokes are repeatedly painted, under the pretext of using different brushes!

Had it been some other celebrity actress, I would have gone so far as to think that she is diluting the value of her personal brand by frequently doing such videos instead of more films respectively. But in Sonakshi’s case, she actually fits the bill perfectly, when it comes to donning this character, within the mentioned context, and showcasing her acting skills in this one area.