Why I question HankyPanty’s astonishing views on Sonakshi!

The camera cuts across to focus on her, as she steps in, laced with large sunglasses. Mouthing some casual Punjabi words in the guise of a rap song, she begins gyrating to the tunes of the song (a tune that seems to have ‘pop’ped out of strange noises stringed together).

@sonakshisinha, the Bollywood actress who features in many such songs, recently defended herself about being multi talented. This was with respect to the rumor that had been flying around thick and fast, about her opening Justin Bieber’s India act, despite being an actress. In response, the comedian @hankypanty cheekily opined about one having to be talented in at least one thing, before claiming to be a multifaceted personality. I tend to disagree with him on Sonakshi being delusional about her talents. In my humble opinion, she actually belongs to the top of the food chain in one aspect.

Humans grow up with a set of biases, and acquire some of them over a period of time. Having moved across multiple cultures / cities / countries; there is one bias that I have been able to recognize from modern Punjabi songs. There is an unwitting portrayal of the protagonist (in this case, a female) with the following –

  • an expensive sports car (mostly a Lamborghini or Bugatti)
  • her hair swaying with her waist
  • swallowing enormous amounts of alcohol or dancing right next to a bar, and
  • she attempting to make moves better than imported dancers in the background.

This bias seems to have been repeatedly force fed through such videos. Although being a Punjabi myself, it has been a compelling yet complex case for me to fathom; about why familiar strokes are repeatedly painted, under the pretext of using different brushes!

Had it been some other celebrity actress, I would have gone so far as to think that she is diluting the value of her personal brand by frequently doing such videos instead of more films respectively. But in Sonakshi’s case, she actually fits the bill perfectly, when it comes to donning this character, within the mentioned context, and showcasing her acting skills in this one area.

Prasad’s IMAX

imaxLet me get a few things off the bat first. I have enjoyed watching a multitude of movies here. It is the only cinema in the entire country to host an analog IMAX projector. I was on a high after the screening of Interstellar. Then a few things ruined the experience for me.

I was excited to watch the movie The Hobbit in 3D on such a huge screen! But the film got interrupted midway. I found myself staring at the screen with no sound at all. Azog seemed to shout something at his proceeding army, while I sat in disdain, as my scenes were getting destroyed. Those moments reminded me of watching  The Artist. The major difference reflecting with the fact that that movie was amazingly entertaining despite being a silent one.

Prasad’s commands a premium on watching 3D movies on its huge screen. I do not mind shelling out the additional bucks. But why in the whole wide world, have they started charging for 3D glasses as well! Like other multiplexes, they are most welcome to take a security deposit. On the one hand, the glasses are terrible on quality. On top of it, i really do not think that an Indian cinema would go to the lengths of disinfecting and cleaning them even once a month. If that is the case, then I would happily pay out the 8% extra cost for this service.

I truly believe that the managers at Prasad’s should rethink their strategy. I would not be willing to send my clients back with negative thoughts, despite having some good facilities to entertain them.