A day in my life as a product manager

Stakeholder expectations for prioritization and roadmap planning. 😛

When I get too thoughtful about attempting to understand –

  • Irrationality
  • Randomness / chance / volatility
  • Human behavior
  • Probability
  • Various laws like Goodhart’s law, Banach–Tarski Paradox, etc.


This cat having an existential crisis is me(Video via: instagram.com/tussetroll_and_tingeling)

BuzzFeed Animals இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: வெள்ளி, 2 மார்ச், 2018

How I react when the project being driven finally has a qualified lead in B2B / onboarded consumer in B2C. 😛

When Definition of Done means deployed in Production environment, with no QA and no documentation 😛

How I refresh / recharge every single day. 😛

How to indicate and say ‘No’ to stakeholders for new requirements at the last minute 😛

Being self driven & entrepreneurial. 😛

When I get too deep into rolling weekly sprints. 😛

When I get desperate to move a metric like NPS and begin collecting customer feedback relentlessly!  😛

When I try accepting the story I had written by performing user acceptance testing and doubling up as a manual QA 😛

My toolkit. 😛

When I realized that I am the Jar Jar Binks of my teams 😛

PS – For Star Wars fans only!

When I try to keep a poker face but end up befuddled / bewildered 😛

When I parachute into a new initiative or stressed asset and am suddenly expected to have all answers 😛

How designers see me despite my best efforts 😛

When I try to align stakeholders to the roadmap 😛

My dreams as a B2C product manager – Metrics like acquisition, activation, conversion, retention, revenue shooting up 10X 😛

My dreams as a B2B product manager – Metrics like MRR, conversion, retention, operating margins, revenue shooting up and churn, CAC rolling down by atleast 6X 😛

How I motivate engineering teams 😛

Why this series of lightheartedness?

1) One never knows which sub system (internal organ) of the main system (human body) might suddenly decide to run a feature selection / parameter tuning algorithm, delete a couple of parameters and begin to throw out unexpected results in production (disease / disorder / disability).

Life. Is. Short.

And a little humor does not hurt anyone. 🙂

2) I enjoy self deprecating humor.